December 3, 2012

*Dennis Infante, Ceech, John "Shy Guy" Magat*

Met *Dennis Infante, Ceech, and Kool Raul* this past weekend at a dance jam I deejayed at...  What talents on the dancefloor and on the turntables too...  Always amazing to meet people who are so passionate with their craft...

April 2, 2012

*B-boy Free* (Circle of Fire, Soul Shifters)

Free dancin' to 4hero... different and excellent song choice...

January 5, 2012

*B-boy Venum*

The DJ Format - "Sometimes I feel like I need a little Soul" track was already good, the Vincent Lee remix is a nice fresh take on it...  I need this...

October 19, 2011

Hip-Hop Legend - *Mr. Wiggles*

2:02  "And remember, these are actual robots, there is a lot of after movement
                                                                       in a lot of 'em" - *Mr. Wiggles*

September 9, 2011

August 29, 2011

The Roland Transistor Rhythm-808

2:08 - "It's strange to say that a machine can funk, but it can if it's used right" - Coldcut

August 5, 2011

first b boys and b girls old school skool at its best

somethin about electro beats and really old footage that seems to work in a strange way.....

egyptian lovers at 2:24

check the first b-girl crew at 7:00

check the first deejay battle (hilarious) at 8:10

Detours DVD - Parallels scene (Manifesting sh*t at a different time)

I love videos like this that show people dancin from all time periods and how it relates to modern day b-boyin....I also really like B-boy *Midas* interview at 7:27.....much respect to him for putting this together....great, great footage, and video collage...

July 27, 2011

Kossassins (Rock Dance crew): Crazy Smooth and Wary the Warrior

gotta find this record for sure...

*Ready to Rock*

Definitely feelin the "Rock Dance" momentum that has been gaining....Check the video at 4:55 to see the *Ready to Rock* crew do their thing....Raw style...

July 26, 2011

Damu the Fudgemunk - Cuttin it Up!!

I watch and listen to this video for when Damu starts cutting it up at 3:30....definitely very inspirational cause I like his rhythmic scratching and the tones he's able to extract out of the words....

July 25, 2011

D-Styles is "DA MAN"

man, this sh*t makes me love being a scratch monkey....funky ass patterns and incredible technicality...makes you realize, damn, I will suck for my entire life.....these people are way too far ahead the rest of humanity.....

but I love to listen to scratch music by all of the best in the world.... "It's the most beautiful-ugly sound in the world"...

Check out D-Styles album "Phantasmagorea" if you like this...

saw this video on Pipomixes blog so shout out to Pipo...

Melo D - rockin the doubles

I'm not sure if "trick mixing" is the official term for this *Beat Junkie* style of rockin doubles.....I would be happy if I could even do 25% of this stuff (which I can't).....*Melo-D* and *J-Rocc* make it look real easy.... but it's easy as hell to have some serious train-wrecking  sounding like shite going on fast....

July 23, 2011

Jeremy Ellis - James Brown MPC madness!!!

gotta see this dude live at some's on my life checklist...incredible!!!  Watch this all the way through.....his routine starting at 1:14 is too insane...what a performer!!!  great crowd too....I would seriously be losing my sh*t if I was watching this live....

Exile seriously flips "a Milli"

I could listen to Exile rockin a MPC for 24 hours a day....his sense of rhythm is like no other....wish I could have gotten to see this live...this is a damn hype crowd!!!

July 21, 2011

J-Rocc - "Stay Fresh"

Man do I miss record shopping out in the Shibuya.....record shops like no other.....this video makes me miss traveling (and eating amazing food) in and my friends out there used to joke around that you would say:

"I'm going on vacation to Japan for a little R & R"....."Records and Robots!!!"

July 20, 2011

*Flea Rock, K-mel, Full Deck, Flipz, Venum*

*Iron Monkey* and *B-boy Ivan* (The Urban-Action Figure)

*King Uprock* and *Floor Phantom*

*Floor Phantom* and *Kid Glyde*


*Skill Methodz* crew...

3 minutes of pure heart and favorite b-boy crew...


*Ken Swift* and *Clarky*

*Ken Swift*